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Targeting 100!

Targeting 100! provides design, delivery and ownership teams with tools to meet the 2030 Challenge in hospitals with very little additional up-front capital investment. It is a research project that provides a conceptual framework and decision-making structure at a schematic design level of precision for hospital owners, architects, and engineers to radically reduce energy use in hospitals. Following the goals of Architecture 2030 and The 2030 Challenge, it offers access to design strategies and the cost implications of those strategies for new hospitals to utilize 60% less energy. The name comes from the 2030 Challenge energy reduction goal for hospitals; a 60% energy use reduction from typical acute care hospital targets approximately 100 KBtu/SF Year, thus Targeting 100!

This energy target that signifies performance beyond the highest tier of hospitals in the U.S. in 2012 when this research was published and signifies the top 1% of energy performing hospitals today. The research involved development of integrated strategies through interdisciplinary decision-making, quantitative measurement and modeling of hospital energy use to show this exceptional energy performance is possible to achieve, developing cost models to validate the financial case and low premium for construction, extensive peer-review to validate research methods and garner support from key stakeholders, and dissemination to wide-ranging stakeholders through a web-tool.

Targeting 100! has become a widely recognized research project and roadmap nationally and has been foundational in helping to develop the conversation and implementation around energy efficiency in the healthcare sector.

Learn my by downloading the full report or explore the Targeting 100! webtool.