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Technical Tutorials

Professional Education Resources

The UW IDL develops knowledge and experience of building performance analysis through its research and technical assistance activities. This page includes video tutorials of analysis techniques that we have developed.

Daylighting Analysis Tutorials

The following are video tutorials for daylighting analysis using Rhino ClimateStudio and HDR Scope.

This video covers two main topics: 1) exporting Revit geometry as a .DWG file that can be opened by Rhino, and 2) navigating Rhino to view imported geometry

This video demonstrates methodology for organizing Rhino modeling elements into daylighting layers. These daylighting layers are used to assign materials in ClimateStudio.

This video continues demonstration of cleaning up modeling elements into daylighting layers. It also demonstrates and clipping plane for daylighting analysis in ClimateStudio

This video demonstrates organizing window and door geometry into daylighting layers for analysis in ClimateStudio.

This video demonstrates method for modifying glazing geometry to single surfaces for Daylighting analysis in ClimateStudio.

This video demonstrates basic setup for ClimateStudio model in Rhino, such as assigning materials to daylighting layers and setting up location information.

This video demonstrations setting up consistent views for Daylighting analysis reporting.

This video demonstrates creating an analysis grid for Daylighting Analysis.

This video demonstrations running point-in-time daylighting simulations in ClimateStudio.

This video demonstrates running a radiance rending in ClimateStudio and post-processing in hdrscope.