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Campus Illumination: A Roadmap To Sustainable Exterior Lighting at the University of Washington Seattle Campus (2017)

The Campus Illumination roadmap establishes a guiding vision for exterior lighting on the University of Washington Seattle Campus (UW). The roadmap approach envisions a dramatic decrease in outdoor lighting energy consumption on campus while supporting a comprehensive understanding of sustainability that encompasses the human experience, ecological impact, maintainability and energy efficiency.

The document works in tandem with existing landscape planning collateral to ensure that lighting is implemented with an overarching vision as the campus transitions to more efficient lighting technology. Lighting recommendations align with the Campus Landscape Framework to identify strategies for specific campus space typologies. In response to extensive fieldwork and feedback from the campus community, the roadmap articulates recommendations for how these spaces can transition and relate to each other in order to enhance the legibility and navigability of the nighttime campus.

This document can be used as a reference to inform retrofitting and replacement efforts of Campus Engineering to coordinate the lighting design of new campus development, and as an educational tool for the wider campus community.

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