Center for Integrated Design

May 17, 2017

UW IDL’s Daylighting Work Featured in HPB Magazine

High Performing Buildings Magazine published a case study on the re-location of Westside School, which recently found a new home in the aging facilities of a former church.

Aiming to re-adapt the existing space and design a modern, energy efficient environment for the school, Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects contracted the UW Integrated Design Lab (IDL) to help achieve energy savings through daylighting design. IDL performed studies to optimize classroom and auditorium glazing to control glare and temperature.

“After consulting with Seattle’s Integrated Design Lab, carefully oriented and sized skylights were introduced into the nave roof to reduce electric lighting loads in the newly created auditorium and library,” the article states.

After the school’s first year of operation, the building demonstrated significant savings from HVAC and lighting energy use, performing 70% better than the school’s existing facilities.

Read the original article here.