Center for Integrated Design

June 14, 2017

UW IDL Study Sheds Light on Lake Union Building’s Energy Performance

The University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab (UW IDL) was recently recognized by the Puget Sound Registry and the Daily Journal of Commerce for conducting a year-long study on the Lake Union Building’s upgrade to View® Dynamic Glass technology. With financial support from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), the IDL assessed the performance of the new electrochromic windows to control daylight for audio/visual equipment. Designed to adapt to tenant preferences and weather patterns, the new window glass is also expected to improve building occupant experience and drive progress toward meeting long-term sustainability goals.

The upgrades significantly improved the 45-year-old building’s operational performance – it reduced 17.7% (351,604 kilowatt hours) of its annual energy consumption, which is worth nearly $28,000 in energy cost savings.

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