Center for Integrated Design

September 19, 2014

Heather Burpee speaking at AHCA Seminar

Targeting 100, Achieving High-Performance in Hospital Design

September 23rd at 8am in Orlando, Florida

Ms Burpee will present some of the exciting and paradigm changing work she has been doing in the area of reducing the energy consumption of Hospitals through the program Targeting Targeting 100!

Targeting 100! is grounded in the local realities of hospital design, construction and operation in each region. The UW’s research team at the Integrated Design Lab met with over 200 stakeholders in a series of workshops held in each of the six study regions with the goal of getting on-the-ground feedback on the project’s preliminary findings and on the best region-specific approaches to achieve deep energy savings and balanced capital investment.

As part of her work with the IDL, Ms. Burpee has established thorough research on energy efficiency of hospitals working with leading architects and mechanical engineers to establish goals to radically reduce energy consumption in this building typology, while maintaining high quality healing and work environments. This work bridges practice, research, and education with collaboration between practitioners, faculty, and students.

In the past three years, Ms. Burpee has traveled extensively in Northern Europe studying innovative design and its applicability to design practice in the United States. This research included collaboration with leading experts in sustainability in Stockholm, Sweden and several international architecture and mechanical engineering firms in Scandinavia.