Center for Integrated Design

Knowledge through Dissemination

The Center for Integrated Design works with both professional and public communities to advance knowledge of high performance buildings, renewable energy, and regenerative built environments.

Lifting our research beyond conferences and journals and applying it to real life challenges faced by design teams is at the heart of our work. We share technical knowledge and lessons learned with our commercial clients and industry partners through education programs, in order to advance uptake and replication of high performance building design practices.

To drive successful market transformation, we believe that information about high performance building design should go beyond the design and construction teams implementing new methods. Recognizing building owners and operators, policy makers, utilities, nonprofit and private sector organizations, and the curious public as key players in advocating for more high performance buildings, the Center for Integrated Design provides wide-reaching Bullitt Center tours, which promote the environmental and health benefits of living and working in a high performance built environment.

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Professional Education

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If you have any questions or specific requests, please reach out to Heather Burpee, Director of Education and Outreach, or Deborah Sigler, Program Coordinator.