Center for Integrated Design

September 23, 2014

AIA Seattle – Getting to Zero Workshop Series

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Getting to Zero, a comprehensive, cutting-edge curriculum, builds on the success of the AIA+2030 series and responds to the expressed needs of Seattle AIA members who wish to move to the next level of delivering high performance buildings. This innovative four-part series will focus on leading participants through the next target of the 2030 Challenge – 70% reduction – and beyond. Through case studies, presentations, and panel discussions, participants will explore both the technical skills and cross-disciplinary approaches essential for the design, construction, and operation of net zero energy buildings.

All sessions will take place at Seattle City Hall, 8:30am – 1pm.

  • Nov 7 Market Realities & The Value Proposition for Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Dec 5 Integrated Design & Process for Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Jan 9 Building & Operating Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Feb 6 Long-Term Operations for Net Zero Energy Buildings

Speaker Line-Up: Joel Loveland | Mark Frankel | Heather Flint Chatto | Molly McCabe | Ray Johnston | Jesse Anderson | Mark Garff | Ginger Garff | Elizabeth Rinehart | Mike Hatten | Jim Hanford | Margaret Sprug | Justin Stenkamp | Greg Belding | Casey Schuchart | Chris Faul | Angela Faul | Amanda Sturgeon | Chris Meek | Tom Marseille | Jack Avery | Patrick Brunner | Lisa Petterson | Matthew Braun | Judith Heerwagen | Rob Harmon